The OzBargain effect

OzBargain is an online community that thrives on its users or members posting ‘deals’ which can be upvoted (+) or negged (-) is its a bad deal. These so called deal can be price mistakes, clearances or promotions.

Personally i find OzBargain a good place to find discussion on products from a first hand non bisased point of view. Its great, you also get the revolt from a price mistake refund spree. A catchphrase of OzBargain is that it makes you spend more money which i can agree with for sure, it gives you the best price on anything really. Impulses buys are a regular and ill admit that. Ozbargain gets alot of traffic and i will look at the role of OzBargain from a marketers point of view in the near future.

Now as a rep of a business dont think you can get free promotion from OzBargain. Reps are often trolled and taken a hardline approach from sceptical users.