The return of Champion to status

Champion the sportswear brand is back better than ever. Once known as Poor people’s clothes and sportswear on a budget, Champion has somewhat flipped the tables.

A key reason i see for the rise is a well-known male has worn it a few times… this male to me personally is worth a grain of salt but he is an influence to a lot of people, mostly the younger generation. This person who sometimes wears Champion clothing is Kanye West. Yep so if a rapper starts flaunting threads with your logo on it you’re lucky. It’s no wonder clothing companies spam these “famous” people with offers to wear their kit.

kanye west champion sweat

For the marketing side of things affiliation and sales channels help, getting the Champion gear into reputable street wear stores and sites making them accessible to the prime target market of young people is right. As once upon a time Champion could be found at bricks and mortar stores (Wallmart) and seen as a budget brand name to wear.

Return of the 90’s?

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Dads and Grandpa’s rocking a Champion sweat from the 90’s and good on em, after all they didn’t follow a trend they were the originals.