The role of a modern day sports app

Once upon a time if you need a sports score on the go or whilst out of your home and away from your computer an app would do the trick. Basic scores and maybe some news articles and fixtures was the norm, a lot has change for a sports score app’s since then.

Something I have come to learn is how complex a sporting app is in this day and age. TheScore app allows you to set favorites for anything from a league, team and player. So that when you open the app and browse the news and videos your experience is tailored to how you like it.

thescore app

You can also get notification each time your favorite player is featured in a news article, trade, injury or highlight. You can set notifications for reminders when your team is playing, quarter by quarter scores, highlights, team based news, close game alerts and final scores.

By being able to shape and choose how the app interacts and alerts you is very handy but also sooving in knowing you wont be bombarded with content you find irrelevant.

The match section is very organised and functions as intended, with box scores, stats, twitter feed and match feed handy to get the low down on the match. This app is really all you need for scores and news hence why there are some ads to keep that money trickling in.

With the modern-day media hunting clicks and baiting for views to their overloaded website with ads and autoplaying videos its crucial for smaller players (TheScore) in the media to standout and become a favorite.

TheScore sports app for me is a saviour in keeping up and being notified on the NBA, your team/s and player/s. Its very positive reviews means im not the only one enjoying its goodness either…