The role of analytics in marketing

Google Analytics, AdWords,  Surveys and sales data are all collectors of important data that should absolutely be used in marketing decisions and processes.

Data related to your business in any way should be utilized, whether it be the massive amount of variables given from Google Analytics or you customers opinions in a survey. Data in this modern-day is collected for everything and whilst the general consensus is hatred for the gatherers, collecting data for business use is a must.

It is the effect of analyzing, studying and acting on data that can be seen as marketing analytics. Building a new strategy to target the influx of a younger segmentation with interests in your products (Google Analytics). Seeing your ad only getting clicks at evening time so you shift its showings to evening time only (AdWords). It doesn’t even have to be advanced statistics work, Google makes it easy to analyze data. Although im sure big corporations do a great amount of deep analysis on data they collect.

You can try to predict the future trends and consumer behaviors but you cannot fault the information you can get from compiled data. Facts should come before estimation or guesswork and analytics in business is getting the facts. Whilst not always 100% accurate Google Analytics isn’t something that can lead you astray with incorrect data assuming you have your filters setup right.

Data can reveal so much

If you’re lucky enough to get a lot of participants in a survey then that can be worth its weight in gold! Surveys are an excellent method to really ask questions and get answers to help your business in the future. From knowing where to improve, what your customers think of you and gain more insight into you customers/consumers surveys are a great asset.

Analyzing data to find trends or changes in demographics and segments can help your future business. From seasonal changes to changes in direction data is a sure way to keep an eye on or move to be ahead.

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, checking email campaign statistic, AdWords results or your sales data then you really are missing a beat. In this digital age data is key and it can be your best friend.