The SQLite3 data types

The handful of SQLite database column data types for storing, Unlike the vast amount of data types MySQL accommodates, SQLite only has 5 types.

A simpler and more refined approach to storing values.

The 5 data types for SQLite Storage are:

  • NULL: value can only be null.
  • INTEGER: A number value, aka an integer: 316
  • REAL: Float value: 12.50
  • TEXT: A text string: Lorum Ipsum example text
  • BLOB: The binary value of a complete object e.g an image.

These data types exclude data affinity types.

There is no CHAR, VARCHAR, DATETIME or TINYINT instead these get streamlined into TEXT and INTEGER respectively.

This means storing a date-time value must be done with the text type, which is essentially the VARCHAR type for SQLite.