The Victorian government is an Apple shill

We have the Victorian government to thank when we see an out-of-place glass hut that is the Apple store in Federation square. Fed square a place for multiculturalism and community has been sold out to a company that is spreading faster than cane toads and gripping the globe…Apple.

Part of the issue to me is the design, what is this?

apple store federation square

Not only does it not suit the layout of the area or Federation square i struggle to see its relevance to Apple and their strategies today. It’s a modern-day take on the Pagoda with no holding back on the glass, its more abstract than sleek and modern which Apple is seen as.

Apple really are becoming an in your face, everywhere corporation taking over landmarks. Its smart in a marketing sense because now in tourist photos you have a banner for the Iphone X in the background. I’m actually surprised the naming rights didn’t get sold… Apple Federation square.

I have an Iphone and a Macbook pro (an Ipad I dont use) I do think Apple make quality products but this doesn’t sit right with me. The square will be affected more than just a building being demolished and some modern-day shack erected. There will be advertising everywhere, promotions and events spilling out onto the square and think about the precedence this sets for the rest of Melbourne.

some modern-day shack erected

The Victorian government is openly showing that it will gladly let global corporations take over key locations and landmarks. It’s also no coincidence this was announced out days before Christmas.