will be making a killing in affiliate payments is a nice site, the idea is a great one. allowing users to vote and choose good picks from aliexpress a Chinese goods super site. Thieve displays products mostly hipster and minimal lifestyle products in an attractive manner. Many people and users of thieve wouldn’t know this though, they are getting paid every time you click a product and buy it thanks to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a business will reward you or a customer for bring someone/ a new customer to them (purchasing something or not depends on the program). Rewards being mostly in % payment paid out at the end of the month.

Each product displayed on has an af parameter in its url, meaning if you click through from Thieve and buy that product the af user will get paid presumably the thieve founder or creator. Aliexpress claim their commission rates vary and could be up to 50%. A pretty good deal and it will add up, especially for the  higher valued items. I don want to add that im not concerned or hating on this practice, just informing the masses. Being an affiliate is fine.  The way run things only popped into my head when i was looking around and thought the whole idea is even more genius then the first look shows.