This is extremely dangerous to our democracy

It looks like American media has some explaining to do…

The above with from AWatts420 Shows Sinclair’s media groups broadcasting the same eerie message across many of its networks.

Whats the problem with a mass group of media networks all being strung to the same direction? For starters they can completely bend mass viewers opinions on topics like politics and legislation. Sinclair’s group is in a prime spot to push agendas as they see fit, if it’s for their financial gain or best interests it doesnt matter.

Sinclairs broadcasting group own over 200 stations in 80 separate markets. They also happen to be growing and in the market for more which makes you wonder where the money is coming from??

The video itself is excellently made, it drives the point home and is spooky in its cult like layout.

The broadcasts message is incredibly ironic and hypocritical. In that one sided news, fake news, non fact checking and it being “extremely dangerous to our democracy”. unfortunately, it seems this is exactly what this group does day in day out. If all these “news” outlets are saying the exact same message hidden behind different branding then its obvious they band together and twist whatever message they want.

Its videos like this that will fuel the fire to conspiracy theories, but this time it’s actually a solid highly flameable log. It’s this exact scenario and happenings that have been rumoured and stated as warning’s but now we have a massive slap to the face of mainstream media. Sinclairs Broadcasting group is corrupt, most likely not the only media group either but the post on Reddit with 59 gold is going to leave a mark.