Tidbits on LA Clippers new stadium

The Los Angeles Clippers recently sent out a survey to its ‘loyal’ season ticket holders in regards to pricing and packages for the new Inglewood stadium. Some interesting things came from the survey.

A question was if in-seat phone charging was something fans wanted. Now a basketball game goes for a few hours at most, I personally wouldn’t need to charge my phone but the games are at the end of the day so this feature is pretty nifty. An option for all-inclusive food and drink for an extra $50 was floated, its something again that would appeal to people for sure and could work out to make your experience better.

Bunker suites, where you don’t have a view of the court….. are located under the 1st level and come with the front row seats which are $600k a year! This one is for the rich and “famous” no doubt at all.

These are something no doubt Steve Balmer sees as being innovative and leading edge, the Clippers lease with the stables center ends in 2024 so it wont be a full transition to the Inglewood stadium. Leaving the Staples center is a good move for the Clippers as they share it with the Lakers, NHL Kings and the WNBA Spark’s.