Tidily; A fresh new todo list manager

Tidily.io is a web-based to-do list manager and creator. Heavily focused on tags and colors, the best part is that right now its free!

Here is the run down as stated by the creator:

Tidily ioThe use forĀ Tidily.io is simple, you create checklists and to-do lists that can be managed and checked off. Thus making you more organised and efficient at what ever you’re doing. You could be packing for a trip, planning a day or wanting to managed a personal project. In the end Tidily.io will help you.

I mentioned free at the start of this post, its important to note this. Tidily.io is technically in beta so you can expect bugs and limited features. Paying to access or use something that is in beta to me isn’t right, especially if the price isn’t reflective of the service being half of what it will be once completed.

You can sign up/login with your Google account which also then utilises Google calendars with the to-do lists. Its neat but not what im after.

If you want to stay motivated and be most productive having an organised to-do list is an excellent start. It for sure is better than nothing. Usually when wanting to have a checklist I just jot down the points in a text document and do a new line for the next task but having a web-based to-do list app, takes the cake.

Looking at the whats next list there is a lot to like about the direction Tidily.io is going, staying stale is not ideal but it seems we will have progression here.