To browse Everlane you need to give your email address

Everlane the online clothing retailer is very very desperate for your email address. So desperate they will ask for it if you want to view a product. That in itself is a perfect reason to click out of the site.

everlane email hungry

I don’t know how they thought this was a good idea, it screams data-hungry tracking. If you’re desperate for email address’ to unlock your website then chances are you’re valuing them high, perhaps selling them?

Put value on your data

If you did give up your email address to browse Everlane given their desperation your email would be bombed day in day out with crappy sales and promotions. These promotions would be small mark downs on items you have viewed in a chance to sucker you in for a purchase.

Everlane’s main user group would consist of the older, mature consumer where this tactic of asking for an email address upfront before browsing the website would work. It comes down smart consumer awareness, if you like Everlane‘s products then sure give up your email address but if you’re purely having a browse hmm its time to deploy your fake email address.