Toxicity, memes and shitposting; Ruining online communities 101

There will come a time if not already where serious, decent and constructive comments in online communities are sorely missed. Largely overused memes, sayings and the so-called “shit posting” deter from the main aim.

No matter what platform, its users shape the direction and discussion. Thats why when Reddit slides into the second coming of Facebook and Twitter there is concern.

Reddit is a unique beast, so much content and at this point a decent sorting and score system. Reddit sits quite clearly above Twitter in terms of general user output, with Reddit users seemingly more matured. There is always the stray thread though.

From browsing a sub I enjoy r/NBA i saw this post, explaining that back in 2013 Bill Simmons commentated that the sub was such a nice experience and everyone just “talks hoops and keeps it above the belt”. Add on 5 years and that sentence will haunt many /rNBA users.

Internet culture

The place has become a platter of low quality, no effort, regurgitated sayings that help those wanting genuine NBA content not one bit. Massive amounts of negativity, “shit-posting” and memeing get unleashed and there is not thought that who you are replying too or directing the comment at has feelings.

These issues do not run just in the NBA sub, many similar communities on Reddit have this issue, r/Gaming is one of them. The main issue being is it going to stop? memes, Gifs and trash talking grew to prominence with social media, spurred on by corporate accounts joining in.

It’s ok to joke and have a laugh, but eventually you can only use a sentence and a meme enough times before it just says “no creativity”.

To me an online community such as a Reddit sub should be about sharing (Fresh) content, generating discussion, helping others and simply enjoying interacting with others about an interest. To say it is up to the mods to shape this would be a bitter pill to swallow, The amount of comments that would be deleted…. massive amount.

Online etiquette

Being able to interact online with others around the globe can bring out the worst in people, it’s always best to think that someone/others will be reading what you send. There is no reason ever to be a “prick” to others, if you see something you don’t like or agree on, either state your case or move on.

The sooner online communities get out of this sludge phase the better. It could just be we need to go through the rough times, get the rubbish aired out and then get back to using the internet and online communities in a positive manner.

Tim Berners-Lee the man who created the internet has of recent times stated concerns for the internet direction. If the creator of the net thinks things are heading south then that’s a pretty decent statement to how the modern web looks.