Tube; a minimalist YouTube

Spotted on hackernews Tube is an extremely slimmed down, ad free, non tracking version of YouTube. It gets the job done without all the shiny clutter of recommendations, clickable text and the nasty comments section.

Understandably Tube only really has one user base and it’s those that want to avoid the tracking, recommendations, autoplays and ads that YouTube will hit you with. When you search a term in Tube it will only give you about 12 results. These results are in my case all that’s worth watching for your search.

For those that get enjoyment out of minimal websites Tube will please you. It’s just a skeleton that fetches your search term and then plays what you choose. No styling, JS or ads.

You would assume having Tube open in a tab uses fewer resources than YouTube but the difference would be very minimal. Tube gets the job done and if you’re after an easy to use minimal YouTube that works then Tube is the go.