Twitch is an unprofessional, sexist, double standards company

Racism, admitting to illegal activities, nudity and being sexually provocative is for sure not allowed on Twitch right?! It’s a platform that gets viewed by children greatly and Twitch will ban streamers who do any of the above, Unless you’re female and you’re Alinity.

I’m going to skip over all the drama between Alinity and Pewdiepie, because I don’t care about any of that “drama” but I do care about Twitch being sexist and having double standards to how they deal with their users and following their own TOS.

Twitch has double standards

Here are some links of the streamer Alinity, who in my opinion should be on another cam website instead of a gaming based one. As you can see from saying the n word to this, this, this, this, this and then this  they just keep coming one after another. Again Twitch is a platform viewed by largely by children. She also said on stream this admitting to marrying a Canadian man so she could leave Columbia and live in Canada. That in itself is illegal and highly immoral.

Here in Twitch’s TOS it states:

  • Camera framing, angle, and focus
  • Behavior and commentary
  • Attire and environment

are prohibited YET every stream and the dozens of videos from Alinity’s streams she is doing this. Something, someone at Twitch is doing a dodgy.

Alinity admits to Twitch supporting her actions

Twitch will happily ban a male for showing the band of his underwear, for getting drunk, saying a word similar to Racoon yet they encourage Alinity to show cleavage and act sexual. She even admits this! What on earth is Twitch doing??? It’s ridiculously obvious double standards exist, a male streamer with 1 follower and 1 view could say the N word and they’d be gone in an instant but not a female streamer who reveals her body and acts sexual, oh no Twitch is just going to ignore that but behind closed doors support her.

What is wrong with Twitch?! how can an organization be so poorly run that it thrive on sexism and double standards. I’m not sure, maybe the mods or who ever overlooks reports enjoys the show that Alinity gives. She doesn’t belong on Twitch though that’s for sure.

Twitch wont ban you if you’re a female

Its even in writing that Twitch puts a shield over its “valuable” female “streamers” with grants for female streamers. Nothing can be seen as more unprofessional than treating users with disdain and have double standards built in with sexism, its disgusting Twitch.

Twitch is owned by Amazon, so maybe not to surprising that they aren’t all there in the management. But it’s just basics to be run fairly across the board and following the TOS you set out. Simple stuff, maybe once Twitch starts getting press on being a cam girl website will Amazon step in and ask what is going on.

As of now even with the all the dozens of infringements to Twitch’s TOS Alinity hasn’t even got a warning let alone a ban and that’s concerning. Twitch has shown itself as sexist, unprofessional and runs double standards. Poor form Twitch.