Twitch is still being slimy

New year, new (better run) Twitch? Nope. Still being managed by those desperate to protect the cleavage showing streamers and ignore their own terms of service.

Several months since writing this Twitch still is either unaware they have a TOS or as blatantly obvious as it is, don’t apply it to certain streamers. Theyre playing favourites.

I wont link it because NSFW but a “dance” streamer at the end of her stream hosted another streamer which still leaves your cam and stream on. She then went topless for all to see, A 3 day ban was handed down but after only 12 hours she was unbanned. Mistakes happen but it’s how Twitch handled this and other incidents that is very worrying and embarrassing.

Massive inconsistencies

daigoro_sensei says they were banned for streaming woodblock art that had nudity in it, It took Twitch a week to reply and they still have a strike on the account.

Hyphonix 30 day ban for taking his shirt off.

xQc warning for showing part of a bra.

Vexxedb4c was permanently banned for hosting another streamer and taking his pants of whilst his stream was still running.

Its incidents like these and many others that make Twitch look like a bunch of amatuers, playing favorites and not all being on the same level.

MrDeadMoth who allegedly abused his wife whilst streaming Fortnite recently just returned to streaming. The court case is ongoing yet Twitch have let him back onto the platform when he committed an atrocious act on a women in front of children.

Unexplainable is that a “professional” organisation can’t see that a lengthy ban is needed and if found guilty he should never be allowed back.

For a straight to the point approach this video gets the point across in a take no victims manner (NSFW).

It’s not even the call to permanently ban all incidents of accidental nudity but just be consistent with your own TOS, it is a shocking look for Twitch and Amazon to be so incredibly poorly run. Following your own TOS should be the easiest part too.

Immature actions

Hassan Bokhari the Twitch partnership account manager was infamously revealed to be following very little gaming channels, This was back in 2016 when Twitch actually was used primarily for gaming.

hassan twitch following list

Goes to show the culture at Twitch has been shot to pieces and the focus is now on transitioning Twitch into a softcore cam streaming website. Protecting those dressing, dancing and acting in sexual manners is priority number one for Twitch.

Was it at this stage, around 2016 that those at Twitch saw a gold mine for sexually provoking streams?

Understandably it makes money, sex sells. For what ever reason there are many boys, men who donate money consistently to these “just chatting” streamers who wear revealing clothes.

Just chatting…sure

At any stage go onto and the number of so-called streamers doing non high quality “just chatting” with skimpy outfits and low-cut tops is plentiful.

On certain platforms this would be ok however Twitch has its gaming roots and the website has a strong impression amongst young adults and children. Is Twitch sending bad messages?

Yes clearly it is, Twitch basing itself on sexual natured content when the website is frequented by minors is slimy. Unethical and illegal. Situated on a borderline that Twitch can slide in its favour enough.

The solution is simple for Twitch, just follow their own Terms of service like any professional organisation would. There is very little to no other platforms that have avoided their TOS to favour and choose sides as obvious as Twitch has in recent years.