txtify.it converts web articles into plain text!

I have bought this up before but believe it or not in this fast and mass internet consumption era there is still a demand for text only websites. As outline in my post the main reasons are avoiding the pointless auto playing videos, unrelated bloat images and ads or self promotion junk on the sides of the screen.

If you want to read an article you simply want to read an article, not get hit with some crappy cut together video or clickbait links all over the webpage. Using a plugin like Adblocker or uBlock origin can only go so far, when they are reporting as blocking 20+ instances its time for these “news media” websites to sit down and chill.

Alternatively you can use txtify.it the sleek, simple website that you paste the article url into and get only the text from the article. Made by fivefilters.org who are fighting the good fight against the low swinging online media, txtify.it can even by-pass paywalls.

txtify it
txtify.it website

There is now no excuses to visit a news media website anymore, there is also no point because by using txtify.it you aren’t missing out on anything, it will save you time and most likely 10-20 megabytes minimum since you aren’t loading the website clutter images.

The next best thing to txtify.it would be a browser addon to save having to paste the article url to txtify.it but I aint complaining. It’s an excellent idea and something that’s useful in this day and age surprisingly.