Unskippable ad in a video game; Another 2K initiative

NBA2K19 has an unskippable ad. In a game that is paid for you have to sit through an advertisement… modern day gaming at its peak. 2K games are known for their heavy reliance and building games around micro transactions have shown again why they’re not avoiding the slimy game developer tag.

2k game ad

If a game is free to play then gamers can and should expect to see ads, however if you pay for the game what makes the developer think its a good idea to promote something else?

Showing ads in a paid product?

Had an indie developer or a game studio with much more love around the internet had of done this would people be mad? I would assume so but the hate on 2K studios is a strong one and the post now sits as the highest scoring post on r/NBA2K.

Maybe 2K games should be congratulated on that, Because they have now shown once again the consumer and people who buy their games disregard.

2K take full advantage of the gaming monopoly they are in as there is little or no substantial alternatives to the sporting games they make. Another fine reason that monopolies are no good for consumers.

The last 2K NBA game i played was 2K14 and that was just before the big boom in micro transactions and pay to win. You didn’t need to pay any more after buying the actual game to have fun, you didn’t need the internet or online multiplayer to be apart of the main interest in the game.

Whilst putting ads in their game, be it obvious ones is legal its a decision that really has you scratching your head with what 2K studios are doing.