Using Flickr in pre purchase research

No matter how many forums/Reddit/review sites you read when deciding if a piece of tech in this case a lens is worth it, you can still come to a confused decision.

Perhaps its lack of trust from the non real world examples or that the website has provided a clearly biased review. In my case I simply wanted to see if a lens suited my style of shooting and how it performed on the camera I had.

Useful resource

These fine tuned variables where hard to get information and photo examples off, until I dove into Flickr.

I am not one to sit and browse photos, but on Flickr there are groups made for most/every lens. So by searching a lens you have interest in you can see photos taken by this lens.

You can also further search in that group for your camera model, effectively making a “massive” gallery of images taken with said lens and camera. Thats awesome and this way gets you real world examples.

I could see sports shots, wildlife and nature shot with a lens I was interested in on the camera I have. A huge help.

I have never looked at Flickr as a purchase research process but there you go it is useful and should be used when looking at buying a camera or lens.

Here is the link I used.