Virtual NBA games made for betting

Soon betting will be possible on “fake” computer generated NBA games. What will create more opportunities for so called sports fans to bet also points towards a growing issue.

Computer generated NBA games

That is sports betting, social media and onsite advertising is run rampant with companies sprouting the toxic action of giving money in a chance you will get more back.

It is a sign that the cash inflow to these companies its at all time highs as new companies and the ads are bursting through the seams. You cannot escape it.

Naturally of course now in the NBA offseason when there is nothing to bet on (throw money away) the turn to virtual sports is seemingly on.

Who controls the outcome?

This will open up a whole new can of worms for transparency on rigging and chance algorithms, would you actually trust companies who rely on you losing the bet for them to stay in the green?

I also think watching virtual NBA games would be a pretty sure way to waste time, again pointing to the notion that gambling ruins lives. Yes slot machines and pokies are virtual games based on chance to which a virtual NBA game can be seen as chance.

Just a game of chance

Real NBA games, along with other sports bring many factors that can vary results like form, injuries, player/team strategies and the gambler can do their research, a virtual NBA game brings none of this aside from chance.

Its just another reason and method to cash in on the toxic practice of gambling. Is there actually demand for virtual NBA games to bet on? If so why isn’t betting on 2K sports competitions taking off?

The whole concept seems iffy and certainly nothing to get excited about.