VSCO made for the creators

VSCO is a saviour for those who care more about their content than reputation. With VSCO it’s not about how many likes, shares or comments you get rather how stunning your creation or eye for beauty is with your image. VSCO is an image editing app by editing it’s mostly applying filters and colour grading and shading, manually I must add. Now VSCO to me stands above Instagram for a simple reason; it’s a no b’sh*t way to publish photos, you don’t get the trashy comments and low post quality as you do with Instagram. VSCO was made for creators.

Is there a market for VSCO? absolutely! Smart phone photography will only be getting bigger and better as we progress and smart phone cameras get even better. Creators, photographers and artists should use VSCO as a platform to showcase not only their photography eye but also editing skills. VSCO has presets but it also of course allows you to modify your image manually.

VSCO X is a membership that gives you access to so many more theme’s or filters. Priced at $19.99 a year it does have good value, or you can continue doing your own styles. They way VSCO is styled with UX screams quality and minimalism again very much catering to modern-day photographers and content creators.

VSCO clutter free quality content

In terms of user interaction VSCO allows you to follow profiles, star and repost an image. No comments thankfully and hopefully it stays this way forever. If VSCO focus on creators into the future you expect it to become a must have app if it’s not already one. As the app is a showcase for quality and stunning photos, that have gone to the next level with inspiring filters, edits and modifications.