VSCO you are going the wrong way!

Back in November last year I wrote this post on VSCO. In summary I was praising VSCO for being creative focused rather than about likes,shares and follows. VSCO is on of my favorite apps, you get great ideas and inspiration for photos and editing. It is the only app on my phone that I leave gallery access allowed for.

Fast forward 6 months to now and im seeing cracks in the once great VSCO. My first problem in its general usability editing images is fine BUT anything like uploading, browsing and viewing profile feeds rarely work. Connection issues I put them down too and it drive me nuts. I can try several times a day to upload an image and it wont work. I never had this issue late 2017.

The second issue is the content; I’m seeing so many screenshots of Tweets and messages that it reminds me of Instagram and Tumblr pleaseeeee VSCO dont morph into one of them, i beg you! Screenshots of some “romantic” Post malone tweet or a GIF from a movie with subtitles does not belong on VSCO, im not sure how its came to be and it’s not creativity.

I greatly understand the need where VSCO has to allow uploads but when people are uploading screenshots and emotional GIFs VSCO becomes like Instagram and if I wanted to get depressed id be on Instagram not VSCO.

VSCO is a beacon of light for mobile photographers and editors so please don’t post screenshots, GIFs or memes on the platform and VSCO fix your connection issues please! After all one of your values is Creators first.