Vultr you have a small inconvenience with your api docs.

Playing around with the Vultr api in PHP and I got stuck. I was getting the GET requests fine with curl but some of the calls have optional features. Such as listing availabilities for a location and certain plan availabilities.

Here is a screenshot from Vultr’s api docs where they ‘explain’ an optional parameter:Vultr apiSo looking at that i get you use the URL in the curl but how do you get the availabilities? I know you can put ?parameter1=yes&parameter2=jim in a api call but what exact parameter do I need to use in this case???

It’s actually or

To me and maybe its just me but the way Vultr has it displayed above is not helpful one bit! They need to break it up and have the actual parameter “availability” on its own, what string you can have for it and what they do. All clear and separate, because as of right now there is no way to tell that availability is the parameter.

Aside from this annoyance the Vultr api is plentiful and has potential for some side projects.