Vultrs new South Korea location

Location number 17 for Vultr is Seoul, South Korea in the Asia Pacific region.

Surprisingly Vultr’s newest location is another addon to its Asia-pacific region with Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney being available for rapid deployment in this area. No other cloud provider can match this with Vultr’s features and price.

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Geographically the Seoul location is very close to Tokyo however it is positioned much closer to the very sought after yet hard to obtain China location and furthermore Russia.

Vultr says they are utilizing a low latency network in the heart of Seoul. The new South Korea location is fully compatible with the traditional one-click apps and deployable options and configurations.

Notably, this new South Korea location is not on the faster high frequency plans, rather just the original cloud compute.

The Seoul looking glass can be found here.

For Vultr’s next location a rather super exotic location like South Africa, Mexico or even Ireland would be an amazing boost, even though Vultr already have a massive array of locations.