Websites that ask you to turn of adblocker

It’s not going to happen. There is a reason the user who came across your website has it turned on and the websites are to blame. From auto playing video, to unrelated click bait recommended content in the side bars.

The web industry in particularly news companies have themselves to point the finger at. The mass movement to blasting content at visitors has come at a cost. Low trust and the annoyance of how websites are laid out is just the start to online content delivery.

Aside from click bait and fake news, the general bias and behind the scenes shaping of the readers makes online media in written format like Russian roulette. Will you get a highly informative piece or a view driven bit of dribble that has more focus on being a puff piece to facilitate spammed links on the side.

The website will already be making money from affiliations, sponsors, merch and subscription systems. Isn’t that enough? Why auto play videos, load your page with ads that may drive away from your “high” quality content? Something doesn’t add up, either you want users to read and enjoy your content or it’s simply a pushed out money-making attempt.