Welcome to the modern YouTube; click bait, pranks and no brain cells

YouTube the original video hosting service has come a long way since its beginning in early 2005, ill admit i thought YouTube was created earlier. In its early days YouTube was a place to put odd bits of unedited videos suck as this which at the time it would have been a big deal to watch videos from across the globe.

2005 YouTube website
2005 YouTube website

The Platform started to change, Sports highlights and news clips arrived and the platform thrived on video game content like Call of duty around 2010-11. Then came the rise of a category that began to shape what YouTube would be in the future…lifestyle, fitness and vlogging. Official sports and news highlights left for their own “premium” paid services.

Ok now maybe fitness shouldn’t be included, but there are a lot of vloggers that sit under the fitness persona and fake happiness personalities to “motivate and inspire” their subscribers. The rise of vloggers like Jake and Logan Paul who came from Vine when it collapsed brought a whole new load of rubbish, disrespect and controversies to YouTube.

YouTube clickbait no braincells no hope

Firstly remember that every video one of these two put out have any where from 6 to 20 million people watching it, do i need to even tell you majority of those viewers are young kids or teenagers. Id write paragraphs if i could about everything these two have done wrong but notable incidents include:

Aside from that their videos feature: click bait thumbnails, swearing, disrespect, sexual innuendo and almost certainly breaking the law at some stage. Most of these points would be fine if the target and end audience was younger adults, well it’s not. Its children and i would say 14 years is the smack bang average age of their viewers.

Whilst the Paul’s have a lot of viewers and subscribers these issues run across YouTube;

  • Ricegum the little twerp that asked if “did it feel good?” to a rape victim. Similar videos to the paul brothers.
  • DaddyOFive who thankfully got dealt with for child abuse.
  • Keemstar rubbish reporting on YouTube stars “goss”, part of the problem.
  • WatchMojo click bait and top 10’s of stuff no one cares about, rubbish content waste of storage space on YouTubes servers.
  • Sam Pepper prank channel, not a good influence at all.
  • PewDiePie nazi remarks and posting brainless content.

The more i look and think, most popular YouTubers can go on the list for either: rubbish content, fake beef, click baiting, scandals or being a massive tool.That list would spread a long long way.

Honestly i think with the platform being overrun with “fake personality” vloggers, prank channels and lifestyle rubbish these bigger channel’s feel the need to upload rubbish, do edgy things. For those not watching YouTube 4 hours a day these YouTubers look like outright flogs.

H3H3H3 just follows the vicious circle, wait for a YouTuber to slip up and do a video on it saturating it with ‘jokes’, repeat editing and a different style of editing. People of Reddit and Twitter love it but it gets old quick, at least though Ethan is not part of the modern YouTube problem.

Is there a solution to all this? should YouTube do something? Well considering YouTube put Logan Paul laughing at a suicide victim on its trending makes you think they are not going to hide drama magnets it comes down to the viewers.But if YouTube just went snip to the Paul brothers, kicked them out then maybe it will slow down the low quality YouTubers wanting to be like their idol Jake Paul.

Follow and support good content creators, the hardworking and real people who are doing what YouTube was made for, hopefully one day there will be a platform rise up that has a clean slate and only allows creativity, positivity and good influence to upload.

Maybe its just a cycle we are going through and it’ll all pass (unlikely), maybe this is modern-day earth where kids are consuming bad influences click baited, non informative and ill-mannered rubbish.