Well done Instagram you trash young peoples mental health

Instagram the photo sharing app has been ranked as most damaging social media to young people’s mental health. If you use or have used Instagram in the past this most likely isn’t surprising to you.

Lets go through some obvious issues first; self-esteem issues driven by highly  photoshopped images from ‘influencers’ driving a horribly wrong message. Instagram is just a boast fest for the fortunate, showing of luxury goods and vehicles at any opportunity in which really no one should care about the images.

Girls in edited bikini shots, food images, exaggerated lifestyles mostly from people who havent worked an hour in their life. Workout vids and images to coffee shots, seriously how do people have an interest in viewing that from a so called influencer?

Low quality memes, spammed emojis and overused phrases with incorrect grammar backing up the boast posts. Again if you went without this content the sun will still come up, in fact the sun would look forward to the day.

Influencers driving the wrong ideas

To get the best from Instagram would be to follow friends and family only. But then behind the scenes the algorithm will sneak in some “suggested” content (rubbish) and you will get heaps of ads like some “indy” watch designer.

If you are into photography and photo editing VSCO is the go for sure. Instagram has become a slog fest for likes and follows aka attention. VSCO is all about the quality, talent and eye for creativity. Pretty much how photography should be, yet here we are with Instagram being ranked as a downer for young people.

body image issues

Instagram getting this negative tag over the other bad boys like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube most likely comes down to Instagram being a one trick pony in sharing media (damaging media). Whereas the others have a spread of information, news, articles, tutorials and learning content.

Instagram wouldn’t care about this study, but for young people using the platform the results are in. Instagram makes you depressed. You shouldnt need another excuse to drop Instagram but here it is.