What happens when a drone hits an airplane wing

Thanks to AINtv for publishing this video about research into the damage a drone would do to an aircrafts wing. You get to see that part here:

Pretty surprising that something made mostly out of hardened plastic just disappears into the metal wing instead of shattering or deflecting off.

Birds also run the risk of damaging aircraft just not to the extent like the drone above would. It begs the question as more people get drones what will be done to ensure plane and drone collisions don’t happen?

Of course there are no fly zones and fines for misuse but malicious intent with a drone could be disastrous. Mid flight a plane will be well above what consumer drones can reach but landing and take off is the danger.

Potentially in the future could we see licenses to own drones? As of now in Australia you can get a remote UAV license to request and fly in restricted zones but that doesn’t stop anyone illegally flying there drone anywhere.