What is AMP?

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a modern project started back in 2015 which has the aim of making the web better for all. But really AMP makes online articles and news pieces highly compact and fast!

Accelerated Mobile Pages

You may have noticed when searching something online on your smart device a little tab saying AMP and a lighting bolt logo on a webpage, well this is an AMP page. It would have loaded quickly, have minimal fluff and be highly responsive and readable on your device. That again is the aim of AMP, by focusing on core aspects of HTML special JS libraries and using Google caches.

AMP makes webpages (where applied) fast and compact. AMP only works on webpages where certain aspects are met, such as the allowed HTML tags, image criteria and HTML header tag information is present. This allows companies or the source of the AMP page to have both an AMP version for mobile users and a main version for all other screen sizes.