What is Hacktoberfest?!

2018 is the 5th year of Hacktoberfest the open source supporting event. The notion is getting involved with open source, by doing pull requests on Github and by doing at least 5 you get a free t-shirt!

hacktoberfest 2018

There are 3 values that Hacktoberfest has identified for the program:


  • Everyone is welcome!
  • Quantity is fun, Quality is key
  • Short term action, long term impact

Short, sweet and self explanatory. Hacktoberfest is built for everyone to participate in open source and have fun.


Hacktoberfest provides certain repositories that are highly open to a Hacktoberfest pull request storm but essentially pull requests on any repository will count towards the tally of 5 for the t-shirt.

This year there are 50,000 t shirts which I believe are decent looking, they should have the Hacktoberfest logo front and center with the logo looking very crisp.

I came to know of Hacktoberfest in 2017 from the webdev Reddit, I participated and got the 5 pull requests yet unfortunately my GitHub was using a now unacceptable university email address whoops.

I’ll be giving it a go this year and hopefully my pull requests are of use to the projects, Hacktoberfest 2018 runs from October the 1st through to 31st.