What is SEO?

SEO meaning Search Engine Optimisation is the methodology in getting listed (indexed) on search engines for certain search terms or keywords.

In this day of mass internet consumption obviously SEO is incredibly important for your business. If you are a plumber from Cityville who amongst other things specialised in blocked drains SEO can be very helpful for you. When done right a person from Cityville will type into their search engine: Blocked drain Cityville

Now apart from using adwords your website should be displaying high up thanks to good SEO on the keywords searched. Obviously location data will play into this as well, but you still want to be ranking better than your opposition.

I will go more in-depth on parts and methods to SEO in the future but the real basic points to SEO are:

  1. Informative and correct content on the webpage.
  2. Correct use and repeating of keywords.
  3. URL is formatted and clean.
  4. Use authority links.
  5. Be linked in the right places.

Part 2 coming soon!