What makes a great landing page

A landing page is a single page that is mostly used for advertising, promotional or informative use. Given it’s a single page you need to nail some aspects to make sure your landing page is admirable and gets its point across.

Speed and responsive

Having your landing page served through a CDN with fluid source loading orders is the best way to make your landing page quick. It doesnt have to be ‘snap fingers’ quick but not hang for seconds before bits and pieces load in. Having your landing page be fully responsive ensures it is accessible from all devices from computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.


For the design of your landing page clean, easy to read fonts are a must. Ensure the colours suit your target, images and graphics are sized appropriately. Use headings for crucial sentences but don’t get carried away and have the whole page in a heading tag!


Onto the marketing aspects; If the landing page is for the launch of a product you want to build hype around it. Having the ability for visitors to input their email for updates is a must. You want to ‘promise’ about the upcoming product, state its benefits and then features confidently.

Images and videos is an excellent way to back up your push on this product. Don’t put ads either on your landing page it doesn’t bode well with the clean, simple principles of a landing page.

Landing pages can get your point or information across quickly and cheaply. Simple and crisp designed pages are a modern method in which you can use in marketing or advertising.