What we know about AFLX

AFLX is under a month away now yet it hasn’t been advertised much at all. Its odd and seems like the AFL marketing department is on one big summer holiday because the AFL W (womans AFL) hasn’t got exposure either.

AFLX logo

Summer is known for its cricket and tennis but last year and now this year it will be known for AFLW and AFLX. AFLX is the fast paced mini version of AFL. The main points and rules are:

  • Rectangular field; 60-70 metres wide x 100-120 metres long
  • Normal goals and point posts at each end
  • Two 40 metre arcs, goals scored from outside these worth 10 points
  • 10 players per side (7 on field, 3 bench)
  • No marks paid on backwards kicks except inside forward 40 arc
  • Last touched out-of-bounds
  • Kick in from goal line after all scores
  • At least 2 players must start inside 40 metre arc at the start of each quarter

Straight forward and maybe at this stage a little too boring or basic, but things can change.

A big issue I can see is the lack of key or star players being involved simply because there is no reason to. The risk of Injuries weeks out from the start of a season and playing for entertainment purposes is a perfect situation for the key players at a club to not participate in AFLX.

lack of key or star players being involved simply because there is no reason to

We will soon get to see AFL’s latest expansion project and until then I cant bash it or articulate on what it truly is. The first games of AFLX are on February the 15th at Hindmarsh stadium Adelaide at a time not yet advised…

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