Whats the go with green marketing?

Marketing or advertising products based on their environmentally friendly benefits or manufacturing is called green marketing. Factors that include green marketing are: sustainable manufacturing, not containing toxic materials, produced from recycled materials and made from renewable materials.

You may think why is green marketing even a thing, there are a few reasons. Firstly organisations have to follow strict guidelines in countries they manufacture in with these guidelines put in place to ensure they are environmentally friendly and sustainable in manufacturing. Things like green house gas emission limits, waste disposal and water use. So the organisations turn this into a benefit by marketing their so-called “green” manufacturing.

apple solar green marketing
Apples solar farm

Consumers are actually willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, so there is a benefit for companies to a. produce in eco-friendly environments and b. market the benefits to the environment for supporting (buying) this product.

55% of consumers were willing to pay extra for products  from companies committed to positive environmental impact.

One thing i have noticed is detergent and washing liquid/powder packaging being notorious on including environmental facts and statements about how said product is beneficial to the globe. Car companies too boldly state their fresh engines and smaller footprint on the globe.

Restraunts and eateries stating the fresh local produce, organic produce, free range chickens and dolphin friendly tuna are all examples of green marketing.

Organisations do have to be careful though as any lies and false claims of being environmentally friendly do draw harsh fines and a lot of anger, negativity from the public to your brand and products.

I found it interesting that green marketing actually has a category or could be defined, maybe it came about as a way to entice more companies to be sustainable? You can’t deny it though, green marketing works.