When Blizzard got out of touch; a lot

Blizzard entertainment is a large video game company that is over 25 years old and created the popular Diablo 1, 2 and 3 PC game. Diablo goes back to old school gaming, released on the last day of 1996 its fans are now in their 30 and have grown a long with the industry.

Blizzcon 2018 a lot of hype from rumors of a new Diablo set to be announced, The die-hard fans who love the Diablo series and have since day 1 over 20 years ago are here. Blizzard then went and took this opportunity to announce that Diablo immortal will be released only as a mobile game.

Understandably the fans where furious, the onstage mod (Wyatt Cheng) and devs got booed and it led to a now internet hero (u/Dontinquire) asking if it was an out of season April fools joke:

When booed even more by a response Wyatt dropped the now infamous line “Do you guys not have phones?!”

At this point you have to remember the guys on stage had practically no say in Blizzard being so disconnected from its fans, they became wedged in between angry long time fans and a company who clearly didn’t do its research and just had eyes for micro transaction money.

Shocking decision from Blizzard

Yes mobile devices are more prevalent than a gaming PC but its situational, Diablo players have been long serving PC gamers since day 1 over 20 years ago. Blizzard somehow thought going strictly mobile for the new release of an old franchise would be smooth sailing.

Is Blizzard dumb? or just money hungry? Surely they did market research on Diablo players and mobile device use and ownage right? If they did and still some how came to the conclusion that going mobile is a good idea for Diablo they got it wrong.

If Blizzard saw that going mobile wasn’t an effective option for engaging its fans yet still did it because of all the forecasted profit from micro transactions then that is a horrible way to run a company that has now just gone out and crushed its loyal fans respect and care for the franchise.

Those involved in this decision should walk out and do something different because they have lost Blizzard a lot of loyal fans. If this decision and actions were from Blizzard as a whole organization then quite frankly you have to see them trend downwards.

Not caring about customers, decades old in the making and being so focused on micro transactions (pay to win) is something Blizzard should be embarrassed about.

Blizzard has been in damage control mode since, re uploading the YouTube trailer because it got smashed with dislikes only to have the same thing happen to the new video.

The Reddit Diablo and Gaming subs have been awash with memes, jokes and posts about Blizzards disaster this simply wasn’t a 24 hour hate.

This medium article sums it up well, Blizzard messed up badly and those in the “gaming media” became protectors.

Well honestly nothing will protect Blizzard from its own horrific mistakes.