Who is your Influence?

I see an influencer as someone or even a group that can shape how you do things or make decisions. Like celebrities shaping what clothes young people wear, Casey Neistat shaping people to buy a certain camera or gear etc etc. It’s not just buying though with good influencers inspiring and motivating their followers to either be creative in the said interest or to follow in the influencers footsteps. An influencer can come at any level it could be your Dad, Bill Gates or Post Malone. It’s not about how big, popular or rich your influencer is rather how they inspire and pass down skill, advice and lessons.


The only problem that can come from influencers is if they are not a good influencer, well duh. But if you have these self-made social media heroes coincidentally associated with vlogging, pranks and clickbait being seen as influencers to kids and they are playing up, lacking respect and manners thats a problem.

Kids can easily be swayed and taught wrongs. Given its said that young people are the future of your Country and Earth it’s absolutely crucial that they follow or have good influencers. Their influencer should be encouraging them to do their best, to be positive and show respect. Not how to lie, swear, bully and be selfish like straight from YouTubers.

I personally dont think comparing your self or trying to be the influencer is the right way to take this. To me it’s about getting ideas, knowing where they went wrong and honestly being an upgrade or newer model (mk2) of your influencer is a good start. You wont have the followers, money, maybe skill or lifestyle but you have the positive core concepts to be good at what you love.