Why is YouTube having another music service?

YouTube music, a new music streaming service is coming soon. Thats an odd move because Google who owns YouTube has Google play music, YouTube has YouTube Red. You can also factor in YouTube is half of a music streaming service anyway with its playlist abilities.

The reason to me that this is an odd move because A. Its a saturated market with dedicated competitors (Spotify) and they already have a player in this market (Google play music). B. Its not their thing, like please just stick to videos/movies/shows you aren’t even doing that right in the first place.

YouTube red is a paid per month subscription service that removes ads from YouTube and allows you to download and view content offline. Both of these you can do with plenty of free methods, its nothing special.

Going through the YouTube blog post absolutely nothing excites me about YouTube music everything it has Spotify has and its cheaper too! I would think YouTube will do the 3 months free introductory offer with this new service to get some users through the door because it’s not looking enticing right now.

Google and YouTube services are a big tangled mess

The ability to listen to YouTube content with the phone screen off is a big gripe and surely now YouTube will allow it for its music content but even those with YouTube Red can’t play content without having the app open and on-screen. That really pokes fun at mobile devices being portable content players.

Why cant YouTube just build YouTube Red into an all round streaming service? Ad free videos, series and shows plus you get the YouTube music. It would make sense and save them from needing to go through cycles that sees outreach products like past music services (apps) be scrapped after a year.

The way the post is written it seems like Google play music subscription will be the same as a YouTube Music subscription and a Google Play music subscription plus a YouTube Red equals YouTube Premium. So damn confusing.

It’s so weird that a giant like Google fails to streamline its services, maybe because they’re so big with so much $$$ it doesn’t matter and they can get away with sloppy branding and direction. We will see how it goes, i have no interest in YouTube Music and honestly the whole Google YouTube services and subscriptions are a mess.