Why would McDonalds fly Australian flags outside every store?

The red and yellow giant of fast food that is McDonalds flies an Australian flag outside every one of its Australian stores. You really have to question why, McDonalds was founded in America and has no origins in Australia whatsoever.

For a company that makes a living of selling unhealthy food and having a big proportion of sales with children, frankly they shouldn’t have any association with the Australian flag at all. McDonalds entered Australia in 1971 and now has over 900 stores, we should give them credit for creating a lot of jobs sure but it still doesnt make them Australian.

McDonalds have run numerous “Australia day” campaigns, which like they care about Australia day

mcdonalds australia ads

You can find many ads on McDonalds associating itself to Australia. Now why would they do this? It’s about being at one with the Australian public, building a trust and relationship that will help sell Big Macs and getting the lower socio-economic shall i say “bogans” being patriotic and through the doors of the local McDonalds. One is going to feel much better about a purchase if its seen as beneficial to society or their community even, McDonalds tricking consumers into thinking they are supporting an Australian company is a move that’s gone under the radar.