Why you need a website

A website is a platform to communicate, sell, promote, expose and more. In theory a website can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone. A website can be anything you want it to be.

Thats how I would answer this blog title quickly and to the point, but lets expand and look into why you may need a website.

If you’re a business (not necessarily an online business) your website can be such an important tool in selling yourself, informing and attracting potential customers. No matter what you sell or provide a service for, Your Hairdressing website can have prices, images, open times and a booking system all tied into your branding and positioning to help strengthen your sales. Good SEO can make you be found by new customers who search for hairdressers in their area.

You have a custom printed socks business selling exclusively online, having international shipping combined with SEO can open up whole new markets for your niche. A well defined and setup online store system and detailed product images helps turn the views into buys. Reviews, FAQ and a blog puts any customer at ease and builds trust quickly.

Build trust

These 2 short case studies show just how important and valuable a website is. I would absolutely say that if you have a business you need a website. It’s not compulsory but you should get one, because its likely your competitors have a website.

But hang on its not only businesses that need a website! Since a website can be anything or display anything you want it’s a excellent idea to have a personal website. This point is very solid if you’re a business student, IT or CS student as a website can be some proof you know the basics of website hosting, domains and web design even.

Showcase your skills

Showcase your skills, portfolio, resume, CV blog or just a few sentences about you can go some way to impressing a HR manager researching you. It helps a lot if you can get firstnamelastname.com

Inform 24/7

Groups, charities, events and sports clubs can all use websites with the power to inform, advise and create a reference point. The great strength is someone who is looking for a date, time or cost for an event can find their answer 24/7 through your website. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive either, excluding the domain name simple WordPress hosting can come for under $25!

If you’re considering getting a website please do it, your customers will be thankful and undoubtedly you can open up new markets and convert potential customers into customers.