Wishminer an excellent source for project ideas

Wishminer is a website that displays social media posts (Reddit and twitter) asking for an app or an idea for an app for a situation or need. As I check it now a good example is “An app for planning holidays with 1 click” but there are so many more!

Wishminer - Mining social media for customer wishes
Wishminer website

Its good and straight to the point which by now you know I like, Some suggestions are already done or borderline such as an app like tinder but for friends. Other suggestions are silly or have nothing to do with development like An app that can charge my phone.

I would believe the website works by searching for terms through Twitter and Reddit api like “I wish there was” and grabbing the key data (the post) using regex, storing it and then displaying it on the website. Again, simple idea but something that’s actually useful. It’s not a money-maker but its useful.

Wishmineris now in my bookmarks, it would be good to check on it every now and then to see if i can get inspired. It could be improved by a grouping system, heaps of posts about finding friends and a grouping system can allow for more structure and ideas on the page.

I can also see potential for app developers to see a post and go “hey we made an app that does this!” So the ability or access for small app developers to notify the poster’s would be nice.