write.corbpie 2019 web traffic results and stats

With 2019 concluded here are the traffic, visitor and blog stats for write.corbpie.com

You can read the 2018 yearly performance as posted here.

Views, hits and pages

Having 72,172 unique visitors in 2019 which is 47,521 more than the 2018 performance, is a straight forward insight into the growth of write.corbpie.com from a yearly viewpoint.

write.corbpie stats 2019

Non CDN bandwidth was through the roof, 108 Gigabytes more! write.corbpie.com had a total of 858,185 hits throughout 2019.

write.corbpie visitor stats for 2019Throughout the year however there is no great upward trend of hits as the year progress, it is flatline. Whilst 2018 saw continued growth especially at the end of the year, 2019 was more just solid numbers against 2018.

Methods to quell this in 2020 could include editing old content and expanding into more categories.


Not surprising to me is what countries all the traffic came from. Many of my photography/drone posts draw in the local Australian views and visitors whilst the PHP and web dev content draws in the USA, Germany and Great Britain. A surprise to me is the New Zealand traffic, 21,993 hits is surprising.

write.corbpie countries traffic for 2019

Also to note is that write.corbpie.com is purely in English and designed to be so. This very much would be a factor for country/language/culture visitor traffic amounts.

Web browsers

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most common, with Safari not far behind.

write.corbpie browser stats 2019

Operating systems

From the know operating system of visitors, Windows is the most common followed by Linux just over Mac OS.

write.corbpie operating system stats 2019

Blog posts and words

Throughout 2019 244 posts were made, with an average of 274 words per post making 66,907 words in total for 2019.

These numbers are somewhat above expected considering all of the drone/photography posts I made that had minimal text.

write.corbpie blog stats 2019Views and visits were up from 2018, however continued growth of the blog was barely present. Whether the content got stale, old content became irrelevant or certain produced content was lacking.

2020 will see some new content, old content re-done, post sharing and more detailed posts as an attempt to grow the blog and its domain ranking rather than sit stagnant.