write.corbpie 2020 web traffic results and stats

The year 2020 in hits, visits and traffic for write.corbpie.com.

A quick summary from the analytics of the blog for 2020 when comparing it to the previous year is atleast a 100% increase in visitors, pages and hits. Nearly 2 million total hits and December having the most visits with 22,236.

write.corbpie visitor stats views for 2020
2020 visitors, views and hits

That is doubling the blogs reach from 2019. It was a good year for internet usage with COVID-19 lockdowns forcing the hand for people to browse the internet, I will acknowledge this aspect in helping the massive growth.

However the 2020 numbers would still have been above and beyond 2019 due to maturing content and the continuing effort to produce and expand on content. SEO is long term and having content being 2-3 years old but still relevant and linking is golden.

The Bandwidth usage was ~45 Gigabytes more in 2020, were given the influx in page hits is a good measure that the CDN was playing a very major role. Drone and tutorial snippets/clip videos were a lot more prominent in 2020 than 2019 yet the bandwidth tally from the Webhosting does not suggest this.

corbpie blog 2018 2019 2020 views stats comparison
2018, 2019 and 2020 compared

Previous yearly traffic blog posts:

The United States, Australia and Germany were the top 3 locations for visitors:

write.corbpie countries visitor stats views for 2020
Country stats

Google Chrome led the charge for web browsers used, second was Firefox if you disregard an unknown type:

write.corbpie browsers visitor stats views for 2020
web browsers

Windows was very common as the operating system for visitors, The rare Sony Playstation operating system makes an appearance too:

write.corbpie operating systems visitor stats views for 2020
operating systems

These numbers are achieved with no guest posting, no sharing on social media (Reddit doesn’t count) and no personal sharing in forums and discussions.

It is all just a continued focus on producing posts and content that I enjoy writing & creating along with the desire to teach, learn and show without the annoying ads, popups and distractions.