Yoast SEO you big bloat

Yoast SEO thankyou, but i want my WordPress panel to not be slow and bloated.

I am always sceptical of programs, software or tools which offer a free tier alongside a paid one. Sure they have initiative to entice with the free version BUT there comes a time where the paid version gets all the attention, the best features and options. Yoast SEO to me is that, once upon a time they ruled WordPress SEO plugins as a monopoly but now there are so many SEO related plugins. Most of these alternatives do the exact same as Yoast SEO but without the bloating, slowing and plenty more options in the configuration.

Simple and functional please

i moved to the SEO framework plugin after getting annoyed with Yoast being in my face about buying premium and it have displays all over my the WordPress admin panel. Sure Yoast does a good job at what it is meant to do SEO, but many of the other SEO plugins do exactly the same without being freeware and bloating up the backend of your WordPress.