Your hospitality art; self generated art

If you run an airbnb, hotel, motel or hostel this is for you! allows you to create a print of your town/city/location that is customisable to add in points of interest like bars and shops for your guests.

It so so simple too. You add your address, choose from 4 different styles (colours) then you can add your own locations and text to the map or use ones grabbed from google maps api I presume.

Your own hospitality art

Once done you can either get it for free in png format which is great or you can get it printed 11″x17″ for $35 and 18″x24″ for $45. Free shipping in the USA is a nice move.

Personally I really like this for two reasons, firstly its automated art. A customisable image that’s purely generated through using api’s is a wonderful thing. Secondly the art itself is attractive, its simple and clean i do enjoy the look and it suits the map art so much.