YouTube video sizes and resolutions diagram

Here are all the common video resolutions that you may or may not know about in a handy real sized diagram. You may have seen these sizes in the quality settings on YouTube but now you can really get a scale for how much bigger 4k is than the others.

Video resolution image diagram
Video resolution image diagram (click to view it full sized)

From 480p to 720p to the ever popular 1080p you can see how far we have progressed, but it’s still disappointing to see most sports streamed in 720p and the lack of 4k being utilised currently. understandably so you do need good internet to receive the larger 4k data.

It’s amazing to look back and see that vhs or vcr was 480p and dvd not much better, todays blurays as you can see make them look like a speck.

I’m going to do some posts in the near future talking about video bit rates and frame rates but a good starting point is to just look at the above diagram and see that 4k has so much more space for detail than 1080p. We also seemed to have skipped past 1440p without using it much, its like 720p to 1080p the difference is there but it’s not huge.