1080p video bitrate examples

Numerous bitrate examples from a 1080p 24fps timelapse. The timelapse is made from 6000 x 4000 jpg images which get squashed down substantially into the 1920 x 1080 frame.

Starting at 1Mbps bitrate through to 10Mbps and then one at 15Mbps, the biggest indicator for the lower bitrate values is the clouds and the grass.

Under 6Mbps there isn’t enough allowance to have details throughout the whole screen even though there is minimal movement.

Ideal value would be dependent on the end-use, if it is on a video platform then higher is better noting that 10Mbps is good enough. If being used on a blog post or for mobile device vering 4-6Mbps is perfectly fine.

bitrate examples 1080p