Converting minutes to hours and minutes with PHP

If you have a variable reading 27654 which actually means 27,654 minutes and you wanted to convert this number and output it into hours and minutes here is how:

The magic function

function hoursandmins($time, $format = '%02d:%02d')
    if ($time < 1) {
    $hours = floor($time / 60);
    $minutes = ($time % 60);
    return sprintf($format, $hours, $minutes);

The hoursandmins function takes a number and if that number is greater than 1 return it in the format (Hours, Minutes) like so

echo hoursandmins('188', '%02d Hours, %02d Minutes');

this will output 3 Hours, 8 Minutes

Its a very nifty function that you will need if doing work with an API such as Steams.

If you want to make it even more compact and read like 3H,8M

simply change the format like so echo hoursandmins('188', '%02dH,%02dM');