Dominos new way of advertising

Potholes that never get fixed annoy people, ads annoy people and get avoided where possible but Dominos pizza has combined these two scenarios in a clever way.

Dominos are paying for road repairs because apparently it ruins pizza, as in it ruins their delivery vehicles. The potholes once patched then get slapped with the Dominos logo and the slogan “Oh yes we did”.

dominos potholeIt seems KFC took this approach several year ago and its a neat marketing move for a few reasons. Firstly its good publicity, your brand is seen as doing a good deed and further building trust and positive recognition. People are going to be more enticed to spend money at a corporation that is helping them (community) in fixing the roads. Secondly everyone who drives on that road now sees your branding when they pass over, It can effectively be long-term adverting in a non ad cluttered environment.

According to the article in project “paving for pizza” they have fixed around 200 potholes across 4 towns, so really they aren’t fixing a whole lot and the people affected is rather minimal. It’s just for marketing, Dominos aren’t going to try to fix roads across the globe they don’t care that much. It may however put pressure on councils and governments to fix their roads because if a pizza company can do it why can’t they?

It’s this smart thinking from the Dominos marketing team that sees ways to advertise differently and smartly. Rather than use slogans, smear campaigns or tv ads that aren’t funny they came up with a strategy that not only grows sales it also strengths the Dominos brand.

People still have to remember this is purely marketing and not a humanitarian effort to fix the worlds roads.