McDonalds trying to stay essential during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many countries into complete lockdown with only essential businesses to remain open. First coming to mind with being essential includes healthcare/medical centres, supermarkets, pharmacies, fuel stations and banks to a limited degree.

Haircut is essential in Australia?!

Any other store fronted business like cafes, bars, restaurants, beauty parlours and gyms are shut. However apparently getting a haircut is essential in Australia, as is browsing for clothes in a large department store or buying greasy fast food through the drive-through.

This comes in with McDonald’s now selling bread buns and milk. The heading on this McUpdate is “Get your essentials through Drive-Thru”, so when Mr Shutdown is looking to make a cull they’re hoping to blend in because people can get essentials through the drive-through.

mcdonals covid19 buns and milk for sale

Thanks to OzBargain a 6 packs of buns is $3 and 3 Litres of Skim or Full cream milk is $3.90, this pricing is okay however considering with the now low demand these would be McChucked out or McDonated, McDonald’s is turning trash into treasure here.

Low demand means another opportunity for sales

The for a limited time only text gives this away as being only a use for surplus supplies.

The idea is brilliant honestly BUT don’t fall for the smokescreen, McDonald’s and every other fast food place should be considering themselves lucky to still be open. I can only see Coffees and perhaps breakfast meals being a drawcard in these times.

Because can you actually trust that your food will be safe to consume?

It’s great that McDonald’s is giving free coffees to healthcare workers during these highly extraordinary times but try to remember that this global behemoth isn’t an essential service nor should selling buns and milk that are excess stock make them so.