Praise Uber for killing the shameful Australian taxi industry

One thing I think everyone can agree on is if someone does something better, more efficient than they can reap what they sow. Somehow the Australian taxi industry is sooking, whinging and moaning constantly that Uber is killing them off. Well thank goodness that is the case!

The taxi industry in Australia is shockingly bad, decent service and well priced fares are non-existent. Rude drivers, dirty cabs, non standardized fares and a lack of details on your driver make it an environment for negative  experiences.

taxi industry uber

Uber brings to the table easy bookings, driver tracking, fare lock ins and an amount of cleanliness with bearings affecting the drivers ratings if they don’t behave and respect the customer. The Uber system brings organization and a sense of trust, these two assets the taxi industry don’t have.

Taxi drivers face little to no consequences for poor behavior, not many workplaces have this happen! If you leave your wallet/purse or phone behind in a taxi good luck getting it back, however with Uber you can easily track down the driver.

When the taxi industry is having a bad run they just blockade roads on mass with their beat up automobiles slowing traffic on freeways and into airports which is a real shame because dislike and dis association with using a taxi just grows from the general public.

Maybe the horse has bolted for the taxi industry but by running a very poor service you leave the door open for competitors (Uber) and at this point it looks like they have smashed the door open.

Uber looks, feels and is a better service than 13cabs. If the Australian government keeps Uber out or hits them hard with tight or over the top legislation then the Australian government is the catalyst for allowing shotty service in Australia.

Uber is a genuine better option than catching a cab in Australia, you can’t deny or complain about that.