Trashtag; Something good from social media

Social media is not always known for positivity, most of the time it is a place for very negative vibes alas something good has risen. #trashtag gained massive traction over the past week on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.


Users would post a picture for an area before (filled with rubbish) and then after with garbage bags filled to the brim with the rubbish or just bags filled with rubbish. It’s an ideal mix get internet karma/points/likes for actually doing something very positive for the environment.

Getting outside in the community and cleaning up your local area for recognition on social media that sure beats the other things social media users do for attention.

The large amount of posts by individuals and groups is astounding and it is incredibly refreshing and motivating to see the large number of people caring for their environment.

trashtag Twitter Search
trashtag Twitter Search

Recognition should also be given for those that have been cleaning up areas for years and had not been publicly making it known. It is these people and groups who have the pure selflessness and ability to give up their time for a very good cause.

#trashtag isn’t a fix for any problems, litterers will litter but trashtag is an excellent sign that there is hope and there are people who have respect and decency. manufacturers also need to be better guide on using less plastics in wrapping. It is ridiculous sometimes how much food or a product is wrapped and packaged.

Trashtag is like a mythical creature you aren’t sure it exists but there is plenty of matter on the topic, it’s a dream come to life. Overwhelming positivity whilst given you a chance for the sort after internet “likes”.

Nothing but admiration for those cleaning planet earth.